Imesh Balasuriya


Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I am a third-year Computer Engineering undergraduate at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya with a strong interest in Computer Architecture and Computer Vision.

Skills and Experience

I am fluent in several programming languages such as C, Java and Python and am familiar with languages like C++ and MATLAB.

I have a good background in hardware programming with experience developing ARM Assembly code, programming microcontrollers using AVR C, and hardware design using Verilog-HDL.

Additionally, I am interested in the fields of Image Processing and Computer Vision, with hands-on experience in using the OpenCV library.

I have also worked as a Casual Instructor (Teaching Assistant) at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya for the following courses.


QuickPark QuickPark – E-Parking System
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe, Sandun Perera
Jul 2021 – Present

A fully-automated parking system that automatically identifies vehicles, assigns parking spots to them and allows reservation of parking spots for a seamless parking experience.
Skim Sequencing Analytical Software for Next Generation Skim Sequencing Data
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe, Madhushan Ramalingam
Feb 2022 – Present

An open-source toolkit that implements the existing ITS, Mitochondria and Chloroplast sequencing pipelines in a single GUI package.
License Plate Analyzer Reconstruction of Highly-Degraded License Plate Images
Imesh Balasuriya, Akila Karunanayake, Achintha Harshamal
Feb 2022 – Apr 2022

Demonstration of the effectiveness of traditional image processing techniques in the reconstruction of low-resolution license plate images obtained from CCTV footage.
COOL Compiler Compiler for COOL Language
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe
Jan 2022 – Apr 2022

A 4-stage compiler from scratch for the COOL programming language comprising of a lexical analyzer, parser, semantic analyzer, and a code generator that generates MIPS assembly code
8-bit Single-Cycle Processor 8-bit Single Cycle Processor
Imesh Balasuriya, Achintha Harshamal
Jul 2020 – Oct 2020

An 8-bit single cycle processor design with a MIPS-style instruction set including an ALU, a register file and control logic and an associated memory architecture with separate data and instruction memory along with their respective caches.
Video-to-ASCII-Art Converter Video-to-ASCII-Art Converter
Imesh Balasuriya
Nov 2020 – Dec 2020

An app that creates animated ASCII art on a POSIX-compatible terminal using a video file as the source.
Fractal Generator Fractal Generator
Imesh Balasuriya
Nov 2020 – Dec 2020

A multi-threaded GUI app that generates the Mandelbrot and Julia sets according to user specifications.