Imesh Balasuriya


Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I am a final-year Computer Engineering undergraduate at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya with a passion for problem solving, and a strong interest in Computer Architecture and Compilers.

Skills and Experience

My primary focus lies in low-level development and programming languages with a solid background in developing ARM Assembly code, programming microcontrollers, and hardware design using Verilog-HDL. I have a good conceptual understanding and practical experience with compiler design as well.

I am also interested in DevOps Engineering practices with a sound knowledge of CI/CD techniques. I have practical experience working with GitHub Actions, Ansible, Jenkins and cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), and am familiar with technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Additionally, my interests extend to the fields of Image Processing and Computer Vision, with hands-on experience in using the OpenCV library.

I have also worked as a Casual Instructor (Teaching Assistant) at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya for the following courses.


QuickPark QuickPark – E-Parking System
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe, Sandun Perera
Jul 2021 – Dec 2022

A fully-automated parking system that automatically identifies vehicles, assigns parking spots to them and allows reservation of parking spots for a seamless parking experience.
Skim Sequencing Analytical Software for Next Generation Skim Sequencing Data
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe, Madhushan Ramalingam
Feb 2022 – Oct 2022

An open-source toolkit that implements the existing ITS, Mitochondria and Chloroplast sequencing pipelines in a single GUI package.
License Plate Analyzer Reconstruction of Highly-Degraded License Plate Images
Imesh Balasuriya, Akila Karunanayake, Achintha Harshamal
Feb 2022 – Apr 2022

Demonstration of the effectiveness of traditional image processing techniques in the reconstruction of low-resolution license plate images obtained from CCTV footage.
COOL Compiler Compiler for COOL Language
Imesh Balasuriya, Ravisha Rupasinghe
Jan 2022 – Apr 2022

A 4-stage compiler from scratch for the COOL programming language comprising of a lexical analyzer, parser, semantic analyzer, and a code generator that generates MIPS assembly code
8-bit Single-Cycle Processor 8-bit Single Cycle Processor
Imesh Balasuriya, Achintha Harshamal
Jul 2020 – Oct 2020

An 8-bit single cycle processor design with a MIPS-style instruction set including an ALU, a register file and control logic and an associated memory architecture with separate data and instruction memory along with their respective caches.
Video-to-ASCII-Art Converter Video-to-ASCII-Art Converter
Imesh Balasuriya
Nov 2020 – Dec 2020

An app that creates animated ASCII art on a POSIX-compatible terminal using a video file as the source.
Fractal Generator Fractal Generator
Imesh Balasuriya
Nov 2020 – Dec 2020

A multi-threaded GUI app that generates the Mandelbrot and Julia sets according to user specifications.